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The Importance of Understanding
the Building Envelope

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One important job for a mold inspector is to have a detailed understanding of something known as the building envelope. All mold inspectors at Absolutely Spotless are subject to ongoing training courses so they can stay up to date with all of the latest technologies within the industry. An important part of this training includes detailed study of the building structure. One of the most important thing for a mold inspector to understand is how moisture enters a building structure, why this happens, and how to prevent it from re-occurring. Given this knowledge your mold inspector will have the ability to suggest a proper course of action that will ensure the success of your project and ensure that it will not re-occur.

Details of the Building Envelope

In layman's terms, the building envelope are the building materials that separate the interior of a building from the outside environment. More specifically, it is what makes up the interior space of your home or office. A building envelope consists of exterior walls, a foundation, flooring, windows, doors, the roof and the ceilings. The building envelope serves many a purpose including keeping out unwanted elements like the wind, the rain and water. It also controls the transfer of energy between the inside and the outside of the building.

One of the purposes of the building envelope is to provide a controlled environment for the inhabitants. It is designed to maintain comfortable temperatures and controlled humidity levels, while also allowing for adequate ventilation, regardless what the outside conditions are. A certified mold inspector who is worth his weight will have a thorough understanding of how heat, air and moisture flows affect the dynamics of a building structure. Proper construction of a building will help avoid problems like mold growth, poor indoor air quality, unwanted water intrusion, and other such undesirable events. A small change in just one of these components can have a dramatic effect on the entire structure.

Typical problems within a building envelope include when materials at and around doors or windows are not designed or installed the right way. When these critical components are designed and installed correctly, the possibility of unwanted moisture entering the building envelope is greatly reduced. A mold inspector with a strong understanding of flashing details will be able to properly diagnose a potential moisture intrusion issue which is what usually causes mold to grow. Any opening or penetration in the building envelope that is not properly flashed can result in water damage to the building.

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Pictured are examples of flashing on a home

Correctly determining the actual cause of your mold problem is necessary to ensure the success of any mold remediation project. If this cause is not properly determined and fixed before the start of the project the contamination is certain to return, rendering the work doomed to failure. Therefore, having a thorough understanding of the building envelope is an important part of a mold inspector's job.

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