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Absolutely Spotless, Inc. takes great pride in our outstanding reputation within the Staten Island community for our ability to offer low cost, 24 hour emergency mold inspection, testing, remediation, and removal services. We have the most highly trained and experienced mold inspectors who will carefully evaluate your special set of circumstances and offer you a cost effective answer to your mold issues. We have been serving the communities in Richmond County NY, Bloomfield, Bull's Head, Great Kills, Grymes, Lighthouse Hill, Port Ivory, Rose Bank, Rossville, Richmond County NY, Silver Lake, Tottenville, West Brighton since 1995! We encourage you to take a close look at the below list of referrals. These letters were written by real people who took the time out to let us know how pleased they were with the service they received from our company and its representatives. We want you to feel free to request additional referral letters if you would like to see them. Our goal from top down as an organization is to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your entire experience with us. At this time we would even like to go to further lengths by thanking you in advance in anticipation of receiving a wonderful letter from you regarding the experience you are about to have with our company.

Below are some Recent References for your Review

December 15, 2018 by Jennifer B. "Honest and Nice People"

We had a mold problem at our house and felt the time was right to investigate fixing it. So we started calling around and ended up finding Absolutely Spotless on line. After talking to them over the phone we asked them to send out an inspector to look at the problem we were having. A very knowledgeable man by the name of Eric came out to look at what needed to be done. Bearing in mind that a few days earlier we had this guy who said he was a mold contractor look at it and tell us we had to spend $15,000 to fix the problem. I of course showed him the door. Getting back to what's important, what I really liked about Absolutely Spotless was they didn't just want to start fixing the problem right away. Instead they wanted to test the house for mold to see if it was in the air. We have two small children and wanted to make sure they were going to be safe. So we told Eric to go ahead and test. A few days later the manager Robert called and gave us the good news. The air in our house was not filled with mold and the walls in the crawl space weren't moldy either. Only the ceiling had mold on it. He then told us it was going to cost $3,500 to fix which saved us over $10,000. Need I say more? We will be highly recommending Absolutely Spotless in the future, that's for sure!

-Staten Island, NY

January 07, 2019 by Richard and Allyn Michaelson "Please Feel Free to use this Letter of Reference in any way you Wish"

Dear Robert,

We wanted to write you to say thank you to you and your teams for helping us get through the very trying time of dealing with the very significant mold problem that was in our house. Your team reacted very quickly in response, helping us determine both the degree of our problem, and an effective plan of action in how to deal with it.

The people you sent, and there were many, were all great to work with, very knowledgeable and accommodating, and gave the confidence to allow them to work in our house. They handled both the physically challenging parts of the job without complaint such as the work they had to do in our crawl space, as well as dealing with the delicate aspects like cleaning of our possessions and replacing the walls with skill.

When the work was complete, your teams ended up finishing ahead of the original time table, and we now have the peace of mind knowing that the mold has been safely and effectively removed from our house.

Please send our thank you to Luke who was a real pleasure to work with, Chris, Eric, and the rest of your teams. I'm sure you can understand when we say we hope that we do not ever have the need to call you in again, however if the need should arise, you can bet we'll call you. You should be proud of the organization you have built. We wish you much success with all of your future endeavors.

Richard and Allyn Michaelson


November 7, 2018 by Samuel R.: "Very Positive Experience with Absolutely Spotless!"

This company did a really terrific job! I had a broken plumbing pipe that caused a fairly good sized flood in my basement which of course caused a big mold problem shortly thereafter. It's not every day that I decide to write a review on the experience I have with a company but Absolutely Spotless did such a great job that I kind of felt obligated. The owner spent a lot of time with me on the phone answering all of my redundant questions about if he thought the mold was toxic and on what needed to be done to fix this problem so that it would not come back when they were done. He didn't try to scare me like the first estimate I got. Now that the work is over and it's been 6 months and no more mold I'm glad I used Absolutely Spotless for this problem. Even the name of the company is terrific. I want to thank Eric, Robert, Luke and David and a job well done! I've had dealings with many a contractor over the years, and I want everyone who will listen that if you have a mold problem, Absolutely Spotless are the fellas to call! No complaints here! I stake my name on it!

- Great Kills


October 09, 2018 by Alyssa G.: "We Highly Recommend Absolutely Spotless!"

This company did a great job! We had a water damage problem after our washing machine hose broke and ended up with a few inches of water in our entire basement. I quickly grabbed my smart phone and began dialing until I got Absolutely Spotless on the phone. They were in my basement about an hour later pumping out the water, pulling out the wet carpet, cutting the wet drywall out and they left big fans in the basement so the walls and everything would dry out. I am happy to report that everything went really well. In fact they are one of the most professional contractors I have ever had! They even helped us with our insurance company. We highly recommend Absolutely Spotless if you have a flood problem!

- Silver Lake


August 12, 2018 by Susan S.: "Highly Recommended"

We hired Absolutely Spotless to test our house for mold because we were all getting sick and our family doctor told us to have the house tested for mold. Eric was the inspector who came out to our house and after testing the air we found out that Dr. Licciardi was right, we were breathing in toxic mold from the basement. To fix the problem they came back and set up these big air scrubbing machines that sucked the mold right out of the house. Now we aren't getting sick anymore and are very pleased with the service that Absolutely Spotless did for us. We strongly recommend them if you have a mold problem in the air of your house.

- Staten Island, NY


October 25, 2018 by Tami G. "Very Satisfied with the Service from Absolutely Spotless."

I am writing this review about absolutely Spotless which is a mold removal company that came out to help us a few weeks ago with a mold problem that we had. The extire experience with this company was terrific! The first person we dealt with was the mold inspector Eric. He was very informative and patient in answering all of our questions and Carl was also very helpful with the problem. Before we chose Absolutely Spotless another company came out and tried to scare us into spending over $10,000 to fix our problem. Eric and Carl then showed us how to fix it for 1/3 of the cost. It's a good thing we didn't use this other company because we found lots of complaints about them. We now have no more mold problem and still have enough left over to send our kids to college because of Absolutely Spotless. LOL! You won't go wrong if you use them to fix your mold problem!

- Port Ivory


March 03, 2019 by Michael Fitzgerald. "EXCELLENT EXPERIENCE"

Wow, this company was refreshing! They answered the phone when I called, and they really understand the mold business. Even more importantly, they saved me a boat load of money. I had a mold problem and they took us step by step through the process. From the first visit where they looked closely at what was going on in my house to the final cleanup, they were very easy to work with. The bottom line is that I will be recommending Absolutely Spotless to anyone that needs this kind of work done!

- Tottenville


April 21, 2018 by Steven M.: "Excellent Job Absolutely Spotless!"

First and foremost the purpose of this post is to commend Robert and his employees from Absolutely Spotless for a job well done. With that said, we have a summer home in Long Beach Island New Jersey that sustained extreme flood damage during hurricane Sandy last fall. The first thing I would like to express is that we thought we had done everything we were supposed to do when the damage occurred. We called in a water damage company and they removed flooring, the walls, and the insulation underneath our house. Then they sprayed everything down for mold with a chemical that they claim kills mold. Then after the insurance checks came in we had our personal builder go down to begin re-constructing our home so that it would be ready for the summer. This is when he told informed us of a terrible musty odor that was throughout the house. We immediately called a mold company and they told us we needed over $28,000 worth of work done to fix the problem. We of course went out to seek a another opinion and ended up calling in Absolutely Spotless. Eric met me at the house and we decided to tested everything to see what the problems really consisted of. It turned out the problems were not as bad as we were led to believe. The tests proved that only half of the things that the free mold inspection company told us to do were even necessary. It ended up costing us about half of the first quote and

Luke and his crew did a bang up job of correcting our mold problem. In fact we ended up filing a complaint with this other contractor. We are now in the process of rebuilding and hope to be down for 4th of July weekend. I wrote this so that anyone who has a mold problem can find Absolutely Spotless and to ask for Robert. They will do a great job for you.

- Staten Island, NY / LBI NJ


February 11, 2019 by Jennifer T:

Me and my kids began smelling a foul odor in the house that we were shore was coming from our basement. The first thing I figured was that it was probably mold because we get floods down there every once in a while. So we decided to call a mold guy. We ended up calling this company Absolutely Spotless and we it turned out to be a god send. Everyone from the woman on the phone to the inspector who came out to test and the mold workers they sent were all very good. They answered all of our questions and boy did we have a lot of questions. They really did a good job of fixing our basement mold problem. We don't smell the mold anymore and since the work was done a few months ago I haven't had a single migraine. Thank you for your help Absolutely Spotless.

- Grimes


November 13, 2018 by Josephine Rodriguez:

Dear Robert,

I had your company come out to perform mold remediation service at my house in October and I just wanted to write you this note to let you know that from start to finish the process went smooth and your customer service was outstanding. Thank you for your patience and for taking the time to educate me in this field and for a job well done! Keep up the good work!

- Staten Island, NY


January 25, 2019 by Robert N:

Our offices were flooded during Hurricane Sandy and after researching mold removal companies and after speaking with several I selected Absolutely Spotless. I dealt with the owner Robert and my superiors and I were pleasantly surprised with all aspects of the relationship. He and his employees turned out to be quite professional. The first thing he did was spend several hours investigating the water damage to the building. After he was through he met with myself and our CEO. Robert was very patient at this meeting as he explained the entire process to us, from the testing, to the diagnosis, to the remediation itself. After a brief discussion we decided to have him proceed with the recommendations and everything went smoothly without any complaints from our employees. His mold removal crew was very accommodating to our busy office staff. They worked well around everyone and the work was of excellent quality. I might add that the cost was also very reasonable considering the size and scope of the work project. It is my opinion that when a company performs a service with the quality that Absolutely Spotless provided, other people should be made aware of them. This is why I will highly recommend them in the future for anyone who has a mold problem!

- Staten Island NY

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