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Why Should I Remediate My HVAC System

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One question that clients often ask us is why do you I need to perform mold remediation on my HVAC air duct system. The answer is that your HVAC system is a transport system for mold. This in turn is what makes people get sick. The fact is that mold spores are so tiny, as little as 0.3 microns, that you can't see the individual spores with the naked eyes. Therefore what you can not see really can hurt you. Any well thought out mold remediation protocol will include air duct cleaning whenever a lab report demonstrates a significant amount of airborne contamination on levels of the home where no physical contamination is present.

How Mold is Drawn into an HVAC System

The design, installation, operation, and Maintenance of your HVAC system is an important factor in controlling mold growth inside. Often times mold will enter the HVAC system through the return vents which draw the contaminated air from an area of the home where physical mold contamination is present and then transport it through the rest of the home through the supply vents. Another contributing factor is that conventional HVAC filters only have a Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value (MERV) rating of about 6, therefore not enabling them to stop fine mold particles from re-circulating through the home.

Mold Testing, Remediation, Richmond County NY HVAC filters come in a variety of efficiencies.
Always choose one that has a (MERV) rating of 11 or greater

In general, sheet-metal air duct systems are non-porous so they tend to respond well to cleaning. This is because galvanized sheet-metal can withstand the aggressive cleaning methods that are needed to remove mold contamination from them. On the other side of the coin, flexible duct work which is used primarily in attics can-not be successfully cleaned for mold contamination due to their porous construction so they need to be removed and replaced.

Mold Removal Richmond County NYWhat you can't see - can hurt you!

What's involved in the Cleaning of my HVAC System

The interior of evaporators and cooling coils which are extremely difficult to reach because they consist of many layers of coils.

The fan blades and blower wheels must be properly cleaning.

The standard filters must be removed and replaced with high efficiency replacements.

Each vent cover must be removed, both return and supply and compressed air and a whipping system must be sent through the duct work pushing the contamination down to the main trunk area of the system. This is where an access panel is cut into the duct system and a high powered truck mounted vacuum system is connected that will vacuum out the mold contamination and other debris from within the system.

Then after all cleaning is complete, the system must be sanitized with an EPA registered, HVAC approved antimicrobial disinfectant biocide which is fogged directly into the duct system.

In extreme cases the system will need to be sealed by using a specialized coating that will inhibit the possibility of future mold growth.

References: IICRC S520 Standard and Reference Guide for Professional Mold Remediation

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